Since its inception in 2008, the Fletcher Political Risk Group (FPRG) has sought to advance the public conversation about how firms, governments and academics approach a very fuzzy and malleable topic. The field of political risk itself comprises a diverse range of areas of study, including political economy, international finance, business relations, and economic policy. This broad and multidisciplinary array is difficult to unite, but companies and investors are increasingly seeking out advice on how these interlinking areas are impacting their core business.

The annual Fletcher Political Risk Conference, the only of its kind in North America, is the main tool through which we advance this conversation, bringing practitioners, academics and students together to drive a discussion of the changing nature and emergent future of political risk. Last year, the conference explored the emerging impact that technology and cyber threats are irrevocably changing how firms and investors approach the question of political risk, and how non-traditional players are shifting the discourse. This year we look forward to exploring how the nature and geographies of political risk are rapidly shifting in light of tectonic changes around the world.

However, political risk professionals and their clients are seeking an increasingly broad array of informed analysis related to the impact of politics on business that cannot be addressed by one annual conference alone. With this in mind, FPRG is actively expanding into new areas to meet these challenges, including a comprehensive reimagining of our online presence, focused on driving public discussion and debate through articles, interviews, and other forms of content creation. This is an extension of FPRG’s core mission, and will serve as another outlet for FPRG’s graduate student membership to prepare for their future in the field.

Reflective of the identity of the Fletcher School itself, we will be publishing insights in the legal, diplomatic, economic, and security fields. Our website will now be a venue of thought leadership in the political risk field, with pieces from practitioners, experts, students and academics, as well as those with expertise spanning the globe. We believe that this is an opportunity to host cogent conversations about how the field is changing and evolving, and how both analysts and firms can develop their thinking to reflect changing trends.

Going forward, we will be looking to expand our stable of contributors as we build on our existing online presence. In the meantime, please enjoy our offerings as they come, and we hope to see you at the annual Conference on March 9, 2019.


Zoltan Feher, Tom Humphries and Quinn Rask

2018-19 FPRG Co-Chairs