Founded in 2008, the Fletcher Political Risk Group (FPRG) is a graduate student-run organization at The Fletcher School at Tufts University. FPRG is focused on facilitating research and discussion amongst students with career and academic interest in political risk in the fields of finance, consulting, business intelligence, and business strategy & operations.


2016-2017 FPRG Leadership

 FPRG Advisory Council is a group of Fletcher alumni and academics with expertise representing an array of political risk topics. Its members include:  

David Glancy, Institute for World Politics  

Tanya Hoke, Belem Group 

Stewart Kelly, Veracity Worldwide 

Julia Livick, Control Risks 

Munish Puri, Presearch Strategy 

*Prof. Patrick J. Schena, The Fletcher School, FPRG Faculty Advisor 

Shalini Sharan, Willis Towers Watson 

An independent body, the advisory council is intended to offer guidance on FPRG's medium and long-term strategy, and to support continuity as the Group develops. The Advisory Council members are at the core of The Fletcher School's deep roster of alumni working in the political risk field. For more information, please contact