2018 Fletcher Political Risk Master Class

The Fletcher Political Risk Group is proud to present the 2018 Political Risk Masterclass, which will take place on Friday, December 7, 2018, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. The masterclass is intended to give Fletcher students, as well as students of schools within Fletcher’s political risk network, the necessary practical skills required for a career in political risk analysis. The masterclass is intended to be practical in nature, and is open to people from all academic backgrounds, though a working knowledge of geopolitics and basic business concepts will be assumed.

As emerging markets have boomed, and in some cases swooned, business leaders are increasingly looking to those with geopolitical acumen to shape crucial decisions. Political risk encompasses a wide range of subjects, from international law to political science to regional studies. It requires practitioners to bring their knowledge of a variety of areas using a specific set of skills to analyse a business or investment ecosystem.

FPRG invites interested students to join a workshop that will focus on political risk identification, scenario planning, and design of mitigation strategies. Scenario planning involves identifying potential risks to a company within a specified environment, and developing equally plausible situations relating to those risks that will affect the value of a company’s assets or its cash flows. It seeks to identify the underlying forces that drive scenarios, and allows companies to understand the true nature and scope of the risks they face. It most critically allows companies and investors to understand true points of vulnerability, and paves the way for planning of mitigation strategies, including hedging options, optimal points of exit, and contingency plans. In this way, it brings together analysts’ knowledge across different topic areas into a coherent analytic framework.

The Masterclass is designed to provide the skills required to compete in the 2019 Fletcher Political Risk Case Study Competition, however participation in the competition is not a prerequisite for attending the Masterclass. The workshop will be presented by Dr. David Glancy. Dr. Glancy is an Assistant Professor with the War and Conflict Studies Department at the College of International Security Affairs (CISA) at National Defense University. Dr. Glancy's research interests include how political risk factors influence the investment decisions of financial managers at sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and corporations; whether or not there are regional differences between SWFs in how they view political risk; and global economics and the intersection of economic and international security issues.

You can register for the 2018 Political Risk Masterclass using the form below. Questions regarding the masterclass can be directed to team@fletcherpoliticalrisk.com.

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