Ian Bremmer credits The Fletcher School for its growing political risk focus

Ian Bremmer, President at Eurasia Group, discussed the birth of political risk as an industry and the difficult nature of entering such a cross-disciplinary profession in a recent blog post.

 State of Politics: Rising Risk and the Birth of an Industry

State of Politics: Rising Risk and the Birth of an Industry


There is no set course of training for people to enter the political risk field…I got my Ph.D. in political science from one of the top universities in the country, and not once did I take a course that taught me how political science applies to the business world. That’s a huge oversight, and it’s a principal reason I started Eurasia Group. But people are starting to catch up to the times. Public policy schools are leading the charge by offering courses in political risk. The Fletcher School at Tufts is already hard at work fashioning a curriculum specifically geared to the field, and I think they’re making great progress.

The student-led Fletcher Political Risk Group seeks to harness The Fletcher School’s diverse IR curriculum to prepare the next generation of political risk professionals. Through our cornerstone event, The Fletcher Conference on Managing Political Risk, we connect practitioners and academics to discuss contemporary geopolitical issues, along with the skills and strategies needed to address them. We invite you to explore our site to see highlights from last year’s conference and stay tuned as we gear up for next year’s event in March 2016.

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