"What? So What? Now What?!?!": A Brown Bag Lunch at Fletcher

Professors Jonathan Brookfield and Patrick Schena of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy hosted an informal and insightful brownbag lunch this Wednesday afternoon. As Masters and Doctoral candidates navigated their lunch breaks, many found a brief respite between corporate finance mid-term examinations and international negotiation simulations during the interactive session.

Both offered mutually inclusive takes on the field of political risk; whether from the international business or national security perspective. An introductory prompt to the students quickly revealed one thing: there is not one single view of political risk. Schena outlined multiple spectrums on which political risk issues, boundaries, and operations fell.

Brookfield offered advice to students looking to continue or break into the field. Leveraging regional or functional expertise and tying it into the growing number of multinational operations. Citing a favorite case study, he warned of the expected and unexpected challenges that faced Unocal in their prospectively lucrative operations in Burma during the 1990s. Such complexities will persist in an increasingly global community.

After an hour of back and forth between students and professors, curiosities were piqued and opportunities realized as students and professors returned to their interdisciplinary studies, perhaps repeating the mantra developed during their lunch: "What? So What? Now What?!?!"

- Matthew Keller, F'16